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Are You A Good Candidate For Obesity Surgery

What is Obesity Surgery?   Are you struggling with obesity? Have you fought and battled to lose weight for many years but never really achieved your desired results? Is your health suffering because of your weight? If any of these questions are familiar to you, then you may have considered obesity surgery. It’s not something [...]

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Link Between Autism in Children and Maternal Obesity

Surprising Findings Link Autism in Children and Maternal Obesity Chances are that you know someone who is on the autism spectrum. Currently, one child in 88 has some form of autism. And the numbers are on the rise. This dramatic increase in autism spectrum disorders has scientists searching for connections. One of the most immediate [...]

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5 Signs that Obesity is Killing You

Is Obesity in the United States an Epidemic ?   Obesity is a medical condition characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat. It can adversely affect your health and may even reduce your life expectancy. Medical conditions related to obesity include heart diseases, endocrine disorders, respiration problems, cancer and conditions that affect mobility.   [...]

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The Dangers of Being Overweight

Is Obesity in America Totally Out of Control ?   Over the past two decades, physicians and public health policymakers have been warning us that obesity was rapidly approaching epidemic proportions in the US and much of the rest of the industrialized world. Alarmingly, it is now safe to say that obesity is no longer [...]

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