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Three Incredible Types of Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

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Feel Tired All The Time ?  Try These Simple Metabolism Boosters


Searching the different health, food and exercise sites on the Internet leads a person to wonder exactly what is metabolism. It has to do with each chemical reaction produced with the body, particularly energy and the steps your system takes to produce it. It is directly correlated to how each person uses their calorie intake, such as the energy burned when a person is at rest. Even though we may not think about it, our body needs energy in the form of calories to survive, whether we are in the act of breathing, moving or the heart is pumping.

Trying to think of ways to speed up metabolism is usually due to a desire to get in shape by losing body fat. The liver burns fat to increase heat. The higher the heat, the higher the metabolism and the greater amount of fat is burned. This chemical reaction is usually thought of in two dissimilar terms, catabolism and anabolism.

Catabolism is the method used by your body to break down molecules and get energy. The energy molecule that results from the consumed food is called adenosine triphoshate or ATP. It powers the actions at cell levels and is a result of the catabolic reactions.

Anabolism describes the synthesis of compounds required by cells to survive. The ATP energy constructs molecules to build bone tissues, fat and muscle in our bodies in a process known as biosynthesis or anabolism.

Quite a bit of research has been done to determine how to increase metabolism, as well as how it affects weight loss and the ability to lose weight. Certain kinds of foods are known to increase this process. That results in the burning of calories due to a transformation of stored calorie energy in the body to heat. In fact, just chewing food uses energy. The more effort involved in breaking it down to swallow, the more energy is used. Perhaps you have read one of the diets that suggests six small portions during the day rather than the three traditional meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The value in this modified eating pattern is that eating something small every few waking hours boosts energy by burning fuel.

It is easy to see how difficult it is to lose weight if our internal engine is not burning calories effectively. When we eat more calories than we need, the excess is stored as fat for later use. An assortment of liquids and foods act as metabolism catalysts. Even better, much of that list consists of tasty morsels and beverages.


How to Increase Your Metabolism with Vegetables

Fruits and vegetablesVegetables are popular foods that speed up metabolism. One of the best choices is broccoli, long recognized for its ability to help with weight loss. One reason is its ability to reduce fatigue.

Broccoli contains a high amount of vitamins, such as A, K and C. It is also an antioxidant, as well as full of dietary fiber and folate, a form of water-soluble vitamin B. It can be eaten raw, steamed and cooked. It is easy to clean and prepare. It is one of the more economical veggie selections in the frozen food section, if the opportunity to buy fresh broccoli is not available.

The crunchy texture delivers exceptional calorie burning capability. If you have a difficult time getting past the green color, use the florets in soup. You can also cut the stems into small chunks to add to pizza or pasta. Broccoli has no fat, is very low in calories and makes a perfect addition to any vegetable plate.

Try Using Some Spices

There is no reason food has to taste bland and boring just because of dietary restrictions. Certain spices and herbs are some of nature’s ways to boost metabolic speeds. Foods like cayenne and cloves raise body temperature, causing the body to burn more fat. Garlic and bay leaves add delicious flavor to sauces and soups while sending a message to the brain that it is time to sizzle excess fat. Cinnamon is another spice that keeps metabolic rates high while producing a welcome feeling of energy and ambition.

Eliminating those excess calories is possible by using fresh vegetables that carry different levels of heat. Some of the best-known foods that speed up metabolism are peppers like jalapenos, cayenne and habaneros. Those fiery, colorful items are so hot they cause adrenaline to release and start the process of burning calories. Onions contain oils and minerals that help rev the body’s engine by breaking down fat.


Find More Energy By Eating Grains

The products of two grains, oatmeal and brown rice, are gaining a reputation for fighting off fatigue while providing nourishment while eating less. It is because of the complex carbohydrates and nutrients found in whole grains. They provide slow-release carbohydrates which deliver long-lasting energy. Instead of telling the brain to store fat, the insulin levels are kept low and the release of sugars are gradual.

Once again, more energy is used because both food items take longer to chew. The fiber content is high and each swallowed bite takes longer to travel to the stomach. Oatmeal fills the stomach and sends a message to the brain that the person is full, preventing overeating. That feeling of satisfaction is obtained with less food, yet hunger pangs take longer to reappear. The increased metabolism rate provides more energy and makes the time between breakfast and lunch seem insignificant.


The Benefit of Adding Exercise

Of course, discussing what will give you more get up and go involves more than eating certain types of foods. The advantage of consuming items mentioned above is it gives anyone who tries it the opportunity to burn more calories a day without changing their lifestyle. If the result makes a person feel more awake and enthused during the day, the next step might be adding exercise to their day. That can consist of short walks, a lively little dance around the house while cleaning, or even walking one or two levels of stairs at work. Every calorie beyond the basic metabolic rate required to live that is discarded is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.



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