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What is Pu-erh Tea

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Is This a Magical Drink For Weight Loss ?


Pu-erh Tea is a variety of tea that is fermented after its leaves have been dried and rolled. It is a specialty of the Chinese and is dark in color. This variety can come in both green and black versions, with the processing differing from one another slightly.


Green and black Pu-erh teas both are put through withering, rolling, and drying (out in the sun). However, the black also goes through cooking. This step includes piling the leaves on top of one another to speed up fermentation. The black and green also have to be aged before they are ready for use. The drying step in these teas gives them their unique flavor when compared to other varieties used for brewing this traditional beverage.


This beverage dates back to 25 to 220 CE in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The leaves in the Yunnan province were dried out in the sun. At this time, the leaves were large and soft and the stems were spread far apart from each other. The exportation of the Pu-erh variety began during the 7th century. Since this tea is in a compressed form, it was easier to ship without it spoiling than other varieties. The flavor only improves the more it ages too, so it keeps for longer periods of time. Of course, the history of this variety of tea is not without its controversy. It was band at one time, because the first Ming Emperor thought it took too much time to process and he only allowed loose-leaf varieties.

During the late 1800s, the French and British increased the export of this variety. It was trekked over land by horses the and ancient remnants of these roads still exist today throughout Asia. Today, this tea is being rediscovered by the westerners not only as a soothing beverage, but also for its health benefits.

Health Benefits

This beverage has some known health benefits including weight loss, overall health tonic and lowers cholesterol. Let’s look deeper into each one of these to learn more information.

Weight Loss – When this beverage is drank about an hour after eating a meal it can help you body lose weight. How does it accomplish this? It works by helping the body flush out unwanted fats that have not been fully processed into the system. You have to drink it an hour after rather than before the meal for this to be successful though, so this is important to remember.

Lowers Cholesterol – This tea drank on a regular basis helps to lower LDL-C (bad) cholesterol levels in the body. Studies on rats help prove this fact.

Overall Health Tonic – Since this tea fights off free radicals it is beneficial to anyone’s overall health. When free radicals are left to do their damage, they can even cause cancer. Turn to this dark beverage for help in protecting your health.

Pu-erh Tea is more than just a beverage it is a slice of the history of this world. The health benefits have long been known to the Chinese culture and other nationalities. Now, you can understand how it can benefit your life.

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