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Kombucha Tea

What is Kombucha Tea ? What is Kombucha Tea? The fermented beverage called Kombucha Tea is comprised of four simple ingredients. It is mad from tea and sugar, with the addition of a symbiotic culture made from bacteria and yeast called SCOBY. A Scoby is comparable to the mother that is used to create vinegar. [...]

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Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight

Throughout Japan, China, India and various other Asian countries, green tea has been used medicinally and as a beverage for centuries. Unlike black tea, green tea avoids going through a fermentation process, which means that it retains a high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants, which increases the benefits of this brew. From cancer prevention to [...]

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White tea

The Benefits of White Tea

The Chinese have enjoyed Chinese white tea for more than a thousand years, although the western world has only recently become aware of this delicious brew. It is made of select early leaves of the tea plant along with the plant’s silver buds, which are then steamed and dried. The processing is very minimal, making [...]

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What is Pu-erh Tea

Is This a Magical Drink For Weight Loss ?   Pu-erh Tea is a variety of tea that is fermented after its leaves have been dried and rolled. It is a specialty of the Chinese and is dark in color. This variety can come in both green and black versions, with the processing differing from [...]

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