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3 Weight Loss Programs That Really Work

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There are various weight loss methods available for people who want to lose some pounds quickly and for good. However, which one of them is the best? When there are so many alternatives, you want to make sure you choose the most effective one of them all, in order to avoid additional frustration or disappointment.

So, if you were to invest time and effort into a weight loss program, you have to make sure you choose a program that brings visible results, and fast. We have evaluated some of the most popular weight loss methods available, and we have chosen three that have shown the best and fastest results.


Gastric Banding Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery (or lap band surgery, as it is usually known as) must be the most effective and fastest weight loss method available today. However, most people might be intimidated by the possible drawbacks of this invasive procedure or its high cost. But if you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this method objectively, you might be convinced to choose it over other weight loss alternatives.

This stomach surgery implies making the patient’s stomach smaller. This helps patients eat less than before and feel full sooner.

Because it is an invasive procedure, patients must expect to experience pain, discomfort or soreness. For the first few weeks after the surgery, patients will be unable to eat anything but liquid food. Although painful at first, this surgery can promote a gradual and steady weight loss. Patients continue to lose weight years after the surgery.

A famous lap band surgery success story is that of Ryan Rex. In the case of Ryan Rex, weight loss after surgery exceeded 100 pounds. The coach of the Jets was over 300 pounds when he decided to undergo lap band surgery. Now, thanks to the impressive loss of weight experienced after surgery, he has become the living proof that lap band surgery works wonders for overweight patients.


The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Program

The famous TV show helped many of the contestants lose a lot of pounds by following a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan. The greatest thing about the weight loss program promoted by this show is that diet pills or surgery are not involved. This plan is based on a simple and safe method of combining exercise with a smart diet.

The diet contestants must follow has a pyramid shape: plenty of vegetables and fruits, some lean protein, a few whole grains and a delicious bonus, from time to time. If you want to follow the show’s weight loss program, you must eat smaller and more frequent meals, choose highly nutritional and healthy foods, drink a lot of water, stay away from pasta, bread, potatoes or other appetite increasing foods, and exercise from 30 minutes to one hour every day.

Some of the contestants experienced an incredible weight loss during the show. At the end of the program, winners showed a pounds loss of over 50 percent.

Even if you don’t become a contestant, you can still benefit from this natural way of doing things by following the diet and exercise plan promoted by the show.


Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program For Women

This method is a three-level weight management service that started in 1983 in Australia.

The first level focuses on teaching people how to eat. You can enjoy the foods you like, as long as you eat them in small portions.

The second level teaches people the advantages of activity. People learn how to increase their energy levels by exercising and being involved in various activities.

The third level focuses on the mind. People learn how to achieve emotional and psychological balance. Attaining balance helps them persevere towards their goals, stick to their weight loss plan and maintain motivation.

There are numerous Craig centers in Australia, US and other countries that offer counseling for people who are interested. The regimen focuses on moderation. By correcting body and psychological imbalances, healthy and gradual loss of weight is promoted.

One thing is for sure: no matter which type of fat loss idea you choose to follow, the road to fulfilling your dream of becoming slimmer is not an easy one. You must be motivated and ready to put a lot of effort into losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. I had a feeling it might be that way – oh well, best to eat that last piece of cheesecake tonight.


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