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How Do Raspberry Keytones Work


Many fairy tales refer to brambles, more commonly recognized as the description of more than 200 species of raspberry bushes in Europe and North America. Loaded with riboflavin, folic acid, niacin and Vitamin C, it is believed to have originated in Asia Minor. The Romans, who refer to this fruit as far back as the 4th century AD, are credited with planting it across Europe as they conquered or visited different areas. The English improved quality and productivity. Eventually that led to the exportation of a quality bush to other countries, including the US.

Also known as RK, this latest aid to weight loss is regarded as a love potion by some cultures. Another folk remedy deals with including it in tea to combat morning sickness during pregnancy. The antioxidant properties and pleasant aroma has resulted in its use in perfumery and cosmetics. The oil contains quite a bit of vitamin C, while the berry has natural moisturizer. Sun-blocks and facial care powders often take advantage of the skincare benefits by including the oil and moisturizer in their ingredients.

The USDA added it to the list of food additives generally recognized as safe in 1965. Its primary purpose for being added to food is delivery of a fruity odor, not as a weight supplement.

Manufacturing the Product

Mother Nature provides ketones in fruits like cranberries, blackberries and of course, raspberries. They are removed using biosynthesis, which results in a small yield. That makes the natural product quite expensive, with estimates of up to $20,000 for 1kg of natural product. To make it available to more people, scientists developed a chemical process that results in a near-perfect compound. It is important to be certain the man-made version is created under strict safety guidelines.


A Japanese study in 2005 on mice demonstrated interesting results from a high-fat diet which included one percent of this weight supplement. Not only did it prevent weight gain, it inhibited the accumulation of fat around the liver. Triglyceride levels remained balanced and showed no affect from the unhealthy consumption of so much fat. A similar study in Korea produced comparable results.


Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke about the fragrant compound on his health show in March 2012. He explained why this supplement has the potential to help with weight loss and balance. Adiponectin, a hormone located in fatty tissue, is known for boosting the body’s ability to metabolize fat. It is believed this organic compound stimulates that hormone, leading to weight loss.

Supplements contain much more of this aromatic compound than what is derived from just eating raspberries. They are available in various forms:

  • 100mg capsules – take 2 a day and drink plenty of water
  • 100mg pills are available, with a recommendation to take one with breakfast and one with lunch.
  • A powder is also available. The suggested dose is 1/16 tsp, taken 1 to 3 times a day before meals.


Following are five areas drawing attention over possible benefits of raspberry ketones.

1. Weight loss: The chance of obesity is lowered by increased adiponectin. This weight loss aid increases body temperature, which in turn causes fat and calories to burn.

2. Pain relief: Every extra pound carried on your body puts pressure on bones, muscles and joints. Reducing weight relieves the extra pain caused from being overweight.

3. Treat insulin-related situations: As adiponectin levels increase in the body, it increases the body’s insulin resistance and reduces the development of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar levels are stabilized when sugar is processed effectively.

4. Hair Growth: An application to the scalp has been reported to increase hair growth on the head. The benefit may be partially due to the stimulation of the massage.

5. Feeling Better: Eating properly, exercising regularly and knowing that you can stay at a healthy level of weight makes you feel better about yourself. That delivers a good mood because you recognize you are in control of this situation.

Side Effects

Possible raspberry ketones side effects are important to know. If you have an allergic reaction to raspberries, check with your primary care physician before taking these supplements. Following are three things to consider.

1. Additional ingredients: Read the contents to determine if other things have been added. Ingredients may include things like grapefruit powder, kelp, vinegar, green tea extract and Acai. There is a possibility they can counteract with other medication you are taking.

2. Diabetes and Heart Patients: Blood pressure and heart rate are increased by norepinephrine. This fat burner can possibly affect the thyroid in an adverse manner. Those diagnosed with asthma, high blood pressure, COPD, heart conditions and/or diabetes should check with their doctor before taking this weight loss aid, as it may aggravate those conditions.

3. Common Symptoms: Weight loss supplements in general, along with changes in diet, can temporarily cause heart palpitations, dizziness and shakiness. Some people cut back on their dosage or drink more water until their system adapts to the change. In essence, your body is going through withdrawal from addictive sweets as it switches from a sugar-based metabolism to one that burns fat. That frequently causes you to feel grouchy and tired. A low-level headache could be a temporary effect, as well.

Similar to capsaicin in structure, RK appears to encourage the body to react in the same manner. Extracted from hot peppers, capsaicin increases the metabolism and burns fat. The more weight lost, the more adiponectin levels rise in the body. Not only does the hormone result in weight loss, it improves insulin sensitivity. Studies have only been conducted on mice to date, so there are no elaborate studies based on human experience. The results, however, have led those attempting to lose weight to give it a try based on what has already been shown.

In summary, it is possible that this is the weight loss aid so many have been waiting for. The important word is “supplement” or “aid”. You still need to include exercise, healthy food and lots of water to your daily return to help the fat burners turn on and fire up. As muscle builds, metabolism increases and delivers results that will motivate continuation of the program.




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