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The Green Coffee Bean Phenomena Fact or Fiction

Green Coffee Bean Extract – The Next Best thing to Liposuction ?


How many times have you heard about a weight loss supplement being the next best thing to plastic surgery? Everywhere you look, there are weight loss pills, powders and shakes that promise the moon and barely get you off the ground. Apparently when it comes to green coffee bean extract, there may actually be something to get excited about, or at least look into a bit more.


Green Coffee Beans

What are green coffee beans? Basically, they are coffee beans, which have not been roasted, which may sound surprising in a coffee soaked society. It may surprise you to learn green coffee brews have been around longer than what most Americans love and live on.

Originally grown and cultivated along the Arabian and Red Sea’s as early as 1100 AD, the idea of roasting the beans before brewing was foreign. Instead, ancient people would grow, cultivate and brew a tea like drink from the green coffee beans.

Today coffee beans are grown in various places around the world including Brazil, Africa and many other places, mostly near the equator. Generally speaking, most coffee beans are grown with the express intent of winding up a part of someone’s daily java routine.



What is the difference between the green and regular roasted variety? Green beans are rich in chlorogenic acid which researcher’s credit as the secret behind weight loss. Unfortunately, this active ingredient is lost during the roasting process; otherwise, more people would be losing weight today.


Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is an active ingredient found n green coffee beans which proponents state causes a slow down in the release of glucose in the human system. Why is this important? When you consume specific types of food the body converts it to glucose to be used immediately as energy or stored. Any glucose that is not immediately used is converted by the insulin into fat stores for later use. By slowing the glucose release chlorogenic acid aids in weight loss.



This all sounds good and scientific, but is there any real research to support weight loss claims of this extract? Though some research methods and reports may be questionable, there is one source Americans in particular find quite trustworthy, Dr. Oz.  Does his show seem hyped up a bit – yes, but it is TV and they want good rankings right ? However, this doc is actually a real physician (a cardiac heart surgeon), so his reputation is there, so you at least have to listen to what he has to say and do more research if needed.

The Doctor Oz show decided to put the claims of this supplement to the test. During the testing phase, half the participants were given pure green coffee bean extract capsule while the other half were given a placebo. At the end of the study, there were some surprising results; participants taking the pure green coffee bean extract capsules lost twice as much weight as the placebo group.

There are a few caveats to this product; the good doctor wants you to know that not all of these supplements are created equal. According to his research it is important to look for products that clearly list GCA or Svetol in the ingredients, these are what this doctor suggests are pure green coffee bean extract capsules and will give you the best success when it comes to weight loss. It is also important that you settle for no less than 45% chlorogenic acid as an active ingredient, more is fine but less is pointless.



green coffee beans imageWhat is the conclusion about green coffee and weight loss? So far, the outlook is fairly good, provided you follow a few basic instructions on getting the best quality diet pill.

Other studies have gone on to show this supplement is beneficial for boosting metabolism, lowering blood pressure and even reducing cholesterol in lab animal testing.

All of these benefits with no reported side effects. Of course, it pays to be diligent and intelligent about your health and if you are under age 18, pregnant or nursing you should talk to your primary care physician before starting anything new.

Is this the next best thing to liposuction? By all accounts if you are willing to put in the time, maybe.

Liposuction is invasive and expensive, not to mention there is a possibility for disfigurement if you choose an inexperienced practitioner. Why not at least try a more natural and healthy way to lose weight first?

Maybe this stuff could work. But, just like everything else, I do not think it is a miracle weight loss discovery.  And I do not necessarily believe everything I watch on television. The best solution for everyone is to eat right and start exercising – even walking is fine.

I might try this myself as I have some weight to lose – just can’t seem to stay away from the desserts and of course should exercise more.

If you are taking prescription medication at all, I would also check with your doctor first before trying any supplement to enhance your diet.

Just my honest opinion.


Where can you buy green coffee bean extract ?  Go to your local Health Food Store or look online. You can also check out Markethealth – visit their site here click here  …

Check with your family physician if you’re not sure if you should try it.


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