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7 Steps to Lose 10 Pounds Before Vacation How to Lose Weight Naturally and Fast What to Eat to Lose Weight Quickly Follow This 7-Step Plan To Lose 20 Pounds in a Month What Is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

7 Steps to Lose 10 Pounds Before Vacation

Try These Quick Weight Loss Tips to Slim Down Before Your Trip   You will often want to lose weight fast before a special event such as a vacation. Wearing swimsuits can identify the need to lose weight since they can be unforgiving to your figure. You can lose ten pounds quickly in many cases [...]

How to Lose Weight Naturally and Fast

3 Things That Make a Healthy Weight Loss Plan Losing weight fast and naturally is every woman’s dream. However, most of us have the misconception that an effective weight loss plan cannot be quick and healthy at the same time. If you plan to lose weight fast, you cannot do it naturally, and if you [...]

What to Eat to Lose Weight Quickly

10 Super-Foods That Will Help You Look Stunning If you want to lose weight fast, you must follow an intelligent diet plan. Most people think that weight loss is all about eating less, but this is not actually true. Fast weight loss is about what and how you eat rather than how much you eat [...]

Follow This 7-Step Plan To Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

Losing weight is not easy, especially when you want fast results. If you are tired of being dissatisfied with your weight and want to start a new, healthier life, you must create a smart weight loss program today, and stick to it until you see the desired results. If you have tried different weight loss [...]

What Is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

8 Tips On How to Lose Weight Fast   In case an important party, meeting, interview, or date is approaching, you are probably wondering what the quickest way to lose weight is. We often see a lot of celebrities bragging about the fact that they have lost 10 pounds in a few days. What is [...]

Kombucha Tea

31 March 2013

What is Kombucha Tea ? What is Kombucha Tea? The fermented beverage called Kombucha Tea is comprised of four simple ingredients. It is mad from tea and sugar, with the addition of a symbiotic culture made from bacteria and yeast called SCOBY. A Scoby is comparable to the mother that is used to create vinegar. [...]

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gastric bypass surgery

Are You A Good Candidate For Obesity Surgery

16 February 2013

What is Obesity Surgery?   Are you struggling with obesity? Have you fought and battled to lose weight for many years but never really achieved your desired results? Is your health suffering because of your weight? If any of these questions are familiar to you, then you may have considered obesity surgery. It’s not something [...]

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Do Alli Diet Pills Really Work

10 February 2013

What the Heck are Alli Diet Pills ?   There are dozens of different diet pills to choose from. Some are natural remedies that can be found in a health food store. Others are prescribed by physicians and taken under their direction and care. And still others can be found online. Alli diet pills are [...]

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woman with pill inbetween her teeth

Are Amphetamine Diet Pills Safe

09 February 2013

Will Amphetamine Diet Pills Work For Women ?   Amphetamines are not new to diet pills. In fact, they have been used and prescribed for decades. However, this long history does not necessarily mean that they’re safe. It merely means that they do affect hunger and can help people lose weight. Let’s take a look [...]

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picture of diet pills

Adipex Diet Pills

03 February 2013

Are Adipex Diet Pills Right For You?   There are a number of diet pills on the market. Some are prescription only. Others are considered natural remedies and can be found in your health food store. Others are simply over the counter appetite suppressants and can help you lose weight. What is Adipex? Adipex is [...]

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little girl with mother

Link Between Autism in Children and Maternal Obesity

29 January 2013

Surprising Findings Link Autism in Children and Maternal Obesity Chances are that you know someone who is on the autism spectrum. Currently, one child in 88 has some form of autism. And the numbers are on the rise. This dramatic increase in autism spectrum disorders has scientists searching for connections. One of the most immediate [...]

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pack of pills

Do Ephedra Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight

26 January 2013

There’s been a lot of controversy about Ephedra over the past few years. As diet pill component it was widely popular and effective.  Unfortunately, there were several deaths associated with taking it and the FDA banned the substance. This drug was recently re-approved it for sale, so it’s currently available again. Now that it’s considered [...]

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muesli with fresh fruits as diet breakfast

What Makes The Mayo Clinic Diet Different

26 January 2013

What is the Mayo Clinic Diet Plan ? There are many diets that are highly effective at helping you lose weight and keep it off. The Mayo Clinic Diet is one of the best. If you’re striving to lose weight and you want solid and lasting results, this particular diet may be your dream come [...]

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How Do Raspberry Keytones Work

23 January 2013

Many fairy tales refer to brambles, more commonly recognized as the description of more than 200 species of raspberry bushes in Europe and North America. Loaded with riboflavin, folic acid, niacin and Vitamin C, it is believed to have originated in Asia Minor. The Romans, who refer to this fruit as far back as the [...]

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pretty woman drinking tea

Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight

20 January 2013

Throughout Japan, China, India and various other Asian countries, green tea has been used medicinally and as a beverage for centuries. Unlike black tea, green tea avoids going through a fermentation process, which means that it retains a high amount of polyphenols and antioxidants, which increases the benefits of this brew. From cancer prevention to [...]

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fat guy in car

5 Signs that Obesity is Killing You

17 January 2013

Is Obesity in the United States an Epidemic ?   Obesity is a medical condition characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat. It can adversely affect your health and may even reduce your life expectancy. Medical conditions related to obesity include heart diseases, endocrine disorders, respiration problems, cancer and conditions that affect mobility.   [...]

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White tea

The Benefits of White Tea

11 January 2013

The Chinese have enjoyed Chinese white tea for more than a thousand years, although the western world has only recently become aware of this delicious brew. It is made of select early leaves of the tea plant along with the plant’s silver buds, which are then steamed and dried. The processing is very minimal, making [...]

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10 Minute Cardio Exercises

10 January 2013

I found this interesting cardio workout video on youtube.  This seems quite useful. Don’t hurt yourself though – go at it easy at first. Cardio exercise, also called aerobic exercise, is any movement that raises your heart rate. As you know, our bodies were made to move. And we all know that to keep our [...]

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Working Out

Three Incredible Types of Foods that Speed Up Metabolism

09 January 2013

Feel Tired All The Time ?  Try These Simple Metabolism Boosters   Searching the different health, food and exercise sites on the Internet leads a person to wonder exactly what is metabolism. It has to do with each chemical reaction produced with the body, particularly energy and the steps your system takes to produce it. [...]

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The Green Coffee Bean Phenomena Fact or Fiction

07 January 2013

Green Coffee Bean Extract – The Next Best thing to Liposuction ?   How many times have you heard about a weight loss supplement being the next best thing to plastic surgery? Everywhere you look, there are weight loss pills, powders and shakes that promise the moon and barely get you off the ground. Apparently [...]

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Girl who lost some weight image

What is Pu-erh Tea

05 January 2013

Is This a Magical Drink For Weight Loss ?   Pu-erh Tea is a variety of tea that is fermented after its leaves have been dried and rolled. It is a specialty of the Chinese and is dark in color. This variety can come in both green and black versions, with the processing differing from [...]

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